Quality Control for White-Label Link Building

What goes into determining a good backlink, and what do we look for when planning out your orders?

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Quality Control in Link Building

Once you’ve purchased a package of links from our various pricing tiers, your account manager will create a shared Google Sheet with you, allowing you to select which websites you would like us to contact within that budget range. We also suggest that you select a few backup websites from the list in case another preference becomes unavailable so that we can quickly move ahead without delays. Our Google Sheets include a regular export of your current link profile (via Ahrefs) that will flag any existing backlinks from prospective websites, to ensure you are not buying links from sites you’ve already worked with in the past.

Domain Authority

Whilst not the most important metric, as a basic metric determining the likelihood of a site appearing in search engines, DA is certainly a consideration when deciding whether a site is going to rank.

Global Traffic

A great sign that a site is high quality is that people are actively using it. We pay close attention to traffic from across the globe to ensure each site we use is active and getting visitors on a regular basis.

Local Traffic

Looking to rank in a particular area? It makes sense for a business to be talked about by blogs that are popular within their country, and that’s why we put a large emphasis on ensuring that sites are getting traffic from your chosen location.

TF/CF Ratio

Whenever you’re looking at sites for backlink opportunities, it’s important to find a good balance between the quality of websites linking to that site, and the number of sites that it itself is linking to. That’s why Majestic’s TF/CF ratios exist, and they’re something we pay close attention to.


When it comes to links appearing naturally, it makes sense for them to be from sites that are related to your field. So, when we build links, we make sure that we are providing you with relevant sites, and sites that it makes sense to have talking about you.


Does a blog say that it’s a healthcare site, only to post article after article promoting gambling? Chances are, even if the metrics are good, it’s not going to be a strong link for long. We do everything we can to provide links that will remain high-quality in the long term.

No Duplicate Links

When working with lower quality link-building providers, it’s surprisingly common for them to not check your existing backlinks before taking your money for prospects you already have. Not only that, but when going through the backlinks of new clients, we’ve found multiple different articles by previous agencies all using the same sites over and over again. This isn’t how you want to be spending your money, and it’s not how we want to run our business.

Before any prospecting begins, the team at Premium Links will provide you with a complete backlink list compiled across multiple tools (not just Ahrefs) which we will use as a reference point for any prospects that we provide you with moving forward. That way, not only will we be able to avoid giving you duplicate links, but you’ll have all the information you need to double check and cross reference that work. Transparency is vital to any successful working relationship in marketing, and our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have all the answers you need when making choices about your campaign.

Speak With the Premium Links Team

Speak With the Premium Links Team

Got a particular metric you want to emphasise? Have specific interests when it comes to your links that we haven’t covered? Speak to us, and we will do what we can to provide a list that is catered to your needs. We have connections with writers, editors, and bloggers across a wide array of niches and industries, so if you have something you need, chances are we will be able to help.

Why Choose Our Service

Why Choose Our Link-Building Service?

At Premium Links, we know what it takes to provide quality backlinks. With a team of writers, editors, SEO specialists, and more, we are passionate about providing quality backlinks and unique content. No private blog networks, no spun content, just high-quality backlinks fully managed by experienced white-label link builders.

No AI, No Spam, Just Quality Content Writing

As a provider of premium-quality white-label link-building services, we want to give our clients the best of the best. That means that we only work with experienced Australian copywriters and journalists to ensure that we are giving those that use our service a truly unique finished product. No AI writing, no content spinning, no outsourced spam; Premium Links is proud to work with experienced, dedicated Australian writers and editors that know what it takes to connect with an audience.

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