When designing a logo, we looked at other white label link building company logos and most of them include chain link motifs or arrows and we wanted to stand out a bit. What other kinds of “links” are there? Sausage links! We don’t think anyone has done that one, plus:

  1. The meat theme works well with SEO terms like “organic”.
  2. Chefs wear “white hats”.
  3. Creating logos for this and writing puns was a lot of fun!

As our prospecting, negotiations, content writing, editing and uploading are all done by real people with their own lives and schedules, we take a bit longer than the big companies who automate everything and own all of their publishing sites. Real links take time, and we endeavour to ensure that the quality is worth the wait. After all, we would hate to serve you anything undercooked.

The main factors we look at include the Domain Authority, Spam Score, Trust Flow and Citation Flow, which we will share with you in a spreadsheet. Not only that, but we check the estimated traffic in SEMrush to ensure that the websites get at least 500 estimated organic visits per month, but most sites we work with have thousands of monthly visitors. 

When prospecting for Australian businesses, we also try and find websites that rank well in Australia and get Australian traffic. We also only work with sites that offer do-follow backlinks. 

Unlike other agencies who charge by DA or DR (usually a sign that they are PBNs), we have different arrangements with different writers and publishers. You will probably find a few high DA websites in our Budget and Standard lists that have very high DA and other good stats due to them being easy or cheap for us to work with. We pass those savings to you.

No. We have dabbled with allowing our agency clients to provide their own content but have hit issues such as poorly written content that requires a lot of editing, presumably written by bots or overseas writers. This slows things down a lot and we try to keep the quality of content consistent for our publishers. Too many cooks in the kitchen, if you will.

Preserve your rankings with links that last! We work under the assumption that all publishers will keep links up. If you notice any links that are getting removed quickly after publishing, please let us know and we will ask the publisher to put it back. If we find any publishers who are doing this, we will stop working with them.

The whole point of this exercise is for helping clients boost the authority of their website and to improve their traffic and rankings. We only work with websites and publishers who do not use attributes such as “nofollow” or “sponsored”.

This service is specifically for those who know what they want in a link-building service. Seasoned veterans of SEO who know what all the numbers and metrics mean and can appreciate the gourmet quality on offer here.

We are not here to run an SEO campaign for you, we are just here to help get your clients some medium-rare links you will not find anywhere else. 

You pay per order, but you can reorder the same number of each link type if you want.

Yes! Depending on the tier of site you’ve chosen from our list, there will be a different minimum word count to match. For example, whilst a Standard article might start at 700-800 words, a Premium article should start at 1100-1200 words. That way, we can ensure that those higher tier sites are getting the level of depth and consideration that their editors expect.